Over 50? Try These Five Seriously Good Grooming Products

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Over 50? Try These Five Seriously Good Grooming Products

Words by The MR PORTER Team

11 August 2021

What’s up with anti-ageing? When we reach a certain stage in life, it’s the thing that our grooming routines revolve around, but to be “anti” something – something that will happen to every person on the planet – seems counterintuitive. It’s a bit like being anti-breathing or taking a stance against water. It’s also, sadly, futile. No matter what we do to combat those tell-tale crevices and marks that denote the time we’ve spent here, we can’t hide from ourselves for ever.

That doesn’t mean we must give up on looking our best, just that our routines needn’t be predicated on turning back the clock. So, instead of encouraging you to rage against the inevitable, we present five grooming products that will help you to keep going onwards, just a little more gallantly.


The heavy-hitter moisturiser

As you get older, your skin naturally gets drier. Accordingly, you should look at upgrading your moisturiser. Augustinus Bader’s brilliantly titled The Rich Cream is super-hydrating, packed to the brim with active ingredients in a formula that took the eponymous professor a decade to develop. It repairs and renews, meaning brighter, healthier-looking skin.


The non-negotiable SPF

You may have been a little blasé about wearing sunscreen in your younger years, but it’s not too late to turn things around. A good facial SPF is the best protection you can give your skin against signs of ageing and this non-greasy SPF 50+ formula from Jaxon Lane will see you right.


The skin booster

Vitamin C isn’t just good for staving off scurvy, it’s also used in skincare to nourish and strengthen skin and to reduce the appearance of dark spots. As far as efficacy is concerned, you’ll find few better than this vitamin C brightening booster from 111Skin.


The LED accessory

An unexpected, futuristic, but ultimately useful addition to your grooming routine: LED therapy. The Light Salon’s Boost masks and patches work to imbue your skin with a healthy glow, but they’re also great for soothing muscle and joint pain. Technology, eh?


The grooming set

From keeping your fingernails in check to taming unruly eyebrows, good grooming is all about attention to detail. This compact kit from Czech & Speake has everything you need – from clippers to tweezers and even a tool for your cuticles – to keep your hands, feet and everywhere else looking good.

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