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We Need To Talk About… Granny Fashion

August 2019Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

ASAP Rocky, Los Angeles, November 2018. Photograph by Media Punch/INSTARimages

Most men, however cocksure of their own style chops, will probably have someone in mind that they look up to, sartorially speaking, and thus try to emulate. That person, however, is probably not their grandmother. Still, something about senior-citizen style seems to have captured a wave of fashion designers, and now, men are dressing like grannies.

Right… is this apropos of something in particular, or are you just pulling trends out of thin air now?

It’s true! Granny fashion does seem to be a bona fide trend, especially in – weirdly – streetwear circles. Mr Heron Preston, fashion’s current streetwear lodestar, sent male models down the runway at his SS20 show with silky babushka scarves tied about their heads, replete with sunglassestrousers and shirts in technical fabrics, and bulky space-age backpacks. It was all rather discordant – a little bit like Princess Margaret in the 1950s if she’d been a raging hypebeast.