Paris’ Best-Dressed Hotelier Checks Into His Favourite Spots

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Paris’ Best-Dressed Hotelier Checks Into His Favourite Spots

Words by Ms Megan Clement | Photography by Mr Bill Gentle | Styling by Mr James Sleaford

22 May 2019

MOB Hotel

“For the MOB hotel, I wanted to find a location where you can smell the vibe of Brooklyn, but in a Parisian way. For me, Les Puces was the perfect place. The neighbourhood is very artistic and cultural, hosting the biggest flea market in the world. We are not a hipster hotel. We are place for the people, by the people, with the people. We don’t care if you have a tattoo or a nose piercing, we just want to have good people, and a connection with the neighbourhood. That’s why neighbours are always invited here. With this Oliver Spencer jacket, like with the hotel, I wanted to create a worker vibe, and still be super elegant. My father was a typographer, and I was very impressed when I went to the factory – the workers looked fantastic. It was very chic.”


“I love Miznon because it’s like the food that I eat at home ­– Mediterranean with a zest of Israel. It’s very underground. Everything is served on paper, so some people don’t know how to eat when they get here. The service is not like in America, with a server saying, ‘Hello, how are you?’ You won’t get that at Miznon, but it’s real and raw. I’m vegan, so there are a lot of options for me here: whole roasted cauliflower, beans and sweet potatoes. I eat too much, but that’s life. This hat from Lock & Co Hatters is like a farmer’s panama hat. It’s a ridiculous dream for an urban guy, but sometimes at night I dream I’m a farmer.”

Welcome Bio Bazar

“My office is right next to this place, and I come here to find inspiration. It’s a lifestyle bazaar filled with hand-made products from France. When you come here you want to stay all day. I come and find items I don’t need, items that I will never use but I want to buy them anyway. The team are all environmental activists, they have a lot of passion. In France, when you look like me – not very slim and with a beard – and you wear a Hawaiian shirt, you look like a famous French singer from the 1970s named Carlos. It’s a constant problem for me to wear a Hawaiian shirt because everyone says I look like Carlos, but I love this one by Officine Generale, it looks great.”

La Buvette

“This bar was created by a friend of mine, Camille Fourmont. It’s a super tiny place to drink wine, and the atmosphere is totally unique. Camille is the incarnation of a real Parisian woman from the 1960s – she’s that girl behind the bar with a very French attitude. She’s got strong knowledge of wine, with a great selection of natural wine in particular. She’s obsessed with discovering small wineries with great stories and natural processes. I love to wear Converse because they’re so iconic. You can wear them with a chic suit or something more casual. I like this look; it’s very me.”

Au Top

“I’ve been friends with owner Jean-Philippe for 25 years. We opened a live music venue together. He’s a partner, a friend, a brother. I love everything he creates, like this place with its magical view of Paris. To get to the top, you have to know the right person. There’s no entrance – even if you have the address, you can’t find this restaurant, you basically need to have Jean-Philippe’s number. When you find it, you have a 360-degree view of Paris, but you’re in the middle of the Marais. I’m usually quite casual, but to go and see my friend Jean-Philippe, I needed a suit. I found this lovely blue one by Lardini and kept my Converse on.”