How To Dress Like Your Favourite *Checks Notes* Book Cover

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How To Dress Like Your Favourite *Checks Notes* Book Cover

Words by Ms Danai Dana

17 April 2021


Catch-22 by Mr Joseph Heller

Catch-22 by Mr Joseph Heller. Image courtesy of Simon & Schuster

Often listed in best-books-of-all-time lists, Mr Joseph Heller’s satire explores WWII, life in the military and trying to maintain one’s sanity during insane times – remind you of anything? You can replicate Mr Paul Bacon’s iconic cover by opting for a pair of blue jeans, such as these by The Row, and adding some punchy red with socks by Charvet.

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Kitchen by Ms Banana Yoshimoto

Kitchen by Ms Banana Yoshimoto. Image courtesy of Faber&Faber

The fuchsia, orange and blue colour-blocked cover of Ms Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen reminds us of a fruity and colourful beachy cocktail. So do these CDLP x Cuixmala swimming shorts and these Balenciaga light-blue sunglasses. Pair them with a tequila sunrise on the beach and a copy of Kitchen will transport you into the lives of its female protagonists in 1980s Japan.

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The Master And The Margarita by Mr Mikhail Bulgakov

The Master And The Margarita by Mr Mikhail Bulgakov. Image courtesy of Vintage Books

Written during Stalin’s regime, Mr Mikhail Bulgakov’s weird and wonderful novel features Behemoth, a gigantic black cat that speaks and drinks vodka. Gear up for heavy Russian weather with this mustard-coloured trench by Alexander McQueen and these black suede lace-up boots from Officine Creative. Grab an ice-cold bottle of Stolichnaya and you’re ready to go.

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Norwegian Wood by Mr Haruki Murakami

Norwegian Wood by Mr Haruki Murakami. Image courtesy of Vintage Books

Is it a forest? Are they legs? The deep red, black and white forest illustration that graces the cover of this edition of Norwegian Wood belies the strange, twisting (in the way that only Mr Haruki Murakami can be), nostalgic tale of Toru Watanabe. Hide your strange secrets under this striped shirt by filmmaker-turned-designer Mr Umit Benan and a pair of wool trousers by Alexander McQueen.

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The Bell Jar by Ms Sylvia Plath

The Bell Jar by Ms Sylvia Plath. Image courtesy of Faber&Faber

Ms Sylvia Plath’s only novel chronicles the aftermath of sexual abuse and one woman’s descent into insanity. Would she be turning in her grave at the thought of men using her book as style inspiration? Perhaps, but if it gets you to read the book, we think it’s OK. These John Elliott pink tie-dye sweatpants, paired with a turquoise Onia T-shirt, are seriously incongruous with the dark plot, but a comfy outfit to curl up in for a harrowing read.

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The Little Prince by Mr Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince by Mr Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Image courtesy of Wordsworth Editions

The Little Prince gives children deep insight into the adult world, while the adults get serious fashion inspiration. From his red bow tie to his long green coat and yellow scarf, the Prince certainly knew how to dress. Live out your own tiny royal fantasies with this Little Prince planet-coloured rollneck by Bottega Veneta and crisp white slim-fit jeans from Mr P.

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A Clockwork Orange by Mr Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange by Mr Anthony Burgess. Image courtesy of Penguin Classics

The cover of this 1962 cult classic deserves to be matched with an equally cult brand; opt for this Dries Van Noten camp-collar shirt with a wavy tie-dye print. Play it down with understated bottoms, such as these ecru linen trousers from Mr P., which remind us of the “droog” pants from Mr Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of the novel.

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White Teeth by Ms Zadie Smith

White Teeth by Ms Zadie Smith. Image courtesy of Penguin Random House

British author Ms Zadie Smith’s debut novel from 2000 explores the themes of race, religion and identity through its protagonists, who are veterans of WWII. The warm yellow, brown and pink tones of Ms Smith’s book cover are echoed on this snug knit by Isabel Marant while these white leather and suede sneakers by Maison Margiela should complement your gnashers.

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Slaughterhouse-Five by Mr Kurt Vonnegut

Slaughterhouse-Five by Mr Kurt Vonnegut. Image courtesy of Penguin Random House

Another great piece of literature about the destruction of WWII, Mr Kurt Vonnegut’s science-fiction novel took him a decade to write. And here we are making outfits out of it. But that’s the game, right? The vivid coral on Slaughterhouse-Five’s cover would look great as a sweater and, luckily, Brunello Cucinelli agrees. Pair it with a signature skull cuff by Alexander McQueen (macabre, we know).

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