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MB Savanna Automatic Chronometer 43mm Titanium and Rubber Watch
ALT1-P2 Jet Automatic Chronograph 43mm Stainless Steel and Leather Watch
MBII Blue Automatic 43mm Stainless Steel and Leather Watch, Ref. MBII-SS-BL-C-B-P-13R
ionBird 43mm Automatic GMT Titanium and Nubuck Watch, Ref. No. IONBIRDMODEL12020-R-S
ALT1-C Griffon Automatic Chronograph 43mm Stainless Steel and Leather Watch, Ref. No. ALT1-C-GRIFFON-R-S

A Piece Of History

Of all Bremont’s annual limited editions, the highest profile is arguably 2014’s “Wright Flyer”, which goes back to the very roots of powered flight. Each of the 450 watches’ winding rotors contained a tiny piece of unbleached muslin, spliced from the very fabric that coated the delicate wooden spaceframe of the Wright Brothers’ airplane – the very one that proved manned, heavier-than-air flight was possible.


Ready To Serve

The Bremont Military division’s first collaboration was with a squadron of high-altitude U-2 spy plane pilots at Beale, California. One of their members had seen Mr Bear Grylls wearing a Bremont wacth on Man Vs Wild and contacted the brand. Sure enough, along came a strictly exclusive version of Bremont’s shockproof MBII watch incorporating the U-2 nomenclature, camera-sighting motif, aircraft and tail markings. Military sorts being tribal, competitive sorts, the floodgates were opened once word got out…


The Trip Tick Case

Bremont’s proprietary, tripartite “Trip-Tick” case construct is machined in-house and surface-treated in the same way as jet turbine blades to gain a hardness of 2,000 Vickers, seven times harder than competitors’. It’s virtually scratchproof.

The Shockproof Mount

Initially designed by Bremont for the MB range of watches, this unique watch's rubberised movement mount encloses the inner workings. A flexible ring then connects the mount to the outer case, absorbing shocks and allowing the inner case and movement to “float”.


“Roto-Click” is a new interior rotating bezel conceit, designed and built in-house by Bremont. The circumferential, calibrated bezel ring glides on a series of four ball bearings, which knit into the gearing to produce a most satisfying “click” for every minute notch.

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