What’s New: The Latest Collection From Fear Of God Essentials Has Dropped

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What’s New: The Latest Collection From Fear Of God Essentials Has Dropped

Words by Ms Danai Dana

14 May 2021

Call it nominative determinism, but Mr Jerry Lorenzo couldn’t have gone for a more apt moniker for his brand than Fear of God. The luxury streetwear label is showcase of 1990s-tinged, loose-fitting sweats and flannels constructed to a standard that inspires awe. A cult concern since its inception in 2013, its profile today is stratospheric.

But his off-shoot project, Fear of God Essentials, is something else. A collection of lush pieces in muted colours, it presents a massive upgrade on our everyday wardrobe, and at a price point that you might consider decidedly terrestrial. And we’re fawning over it big time.

After a solid year and a bit of WFH and dabbling in snoozecore, we’re not sure we can let go of our sweats just yet (at least, certain members of our team are more reluctant that others). With this in mind, the fresh drop from this line of “basics”, and we use that word tentatively, couldn’t be more timely. 

As usual, Lorenzo’s signature neutral palette is present, save the odd neon dash (because: summer), making this the ultimate clutch of logoed pieces to build any outfit around. The collection, which you can see modelled by the Lorenzo family on @essentials Instagram, includes loose T-shirts with matching sweats and shorts, as well as breezy polo shirts. Comfiness is next to godliness, right?

The new Fear of God Essentials collection