Seven Hotels To Book For The Best Night’s Sleep

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Seven Hotels To Book For The Best Night’s Sleep

Words by Ms Emma Pradella and Ms Sophie Watson

17 September 2023

Closing your eyes when you feel tired is probably one of the most elementary human instincts. But actually getting a good night’s sleep? That’s an entirely different story. Two thirds of adults in the UK suffer from disrupted sleep and one third of Americans admit to getting less sleep than they’re advised. Getting good shut-eye has become something of a myth – a dream, if you will – in recent years.

Healthy sleeping patterns are pretty much the emotional and physical magic bullet – mental health, productivity, weight regulation, cardiovascular and immune system health are all improved with sufficient rest. So, it’s perhaps unsurprising that, amid the hustle and bustle of the big cities and the general climate of anxiety and stress that the aftermath of the pandemic, some of the world’s best hotels have formulated a series of science-based programmes that will help improve your bedtime. Don’t sleep on them.

01. The Cadogan, London

Deluxe Junior Suiteat The Cadogan Hotel, London. Photograph by Mattia Aquila, courtesy of Belmond

The Cadogan has partnered with Harley Street hypnotherapist and sleep expert Ms Malminder Gill to develop The Sleep Concierge, a brand-new service that will make your stay in the heart in Chelsea even more relaxing. The programme includes a sleep-inducing meditation recording featuring the voice of Gill available in the rooms via the hotel app, as well as a pillow menu to suit anyone who might prefer to sleep on their back or side, the option of a weighted blanket, a bedtime tea developed by The Cadogan specifically for the service, and a scented pillow mist to support the best possible night’s sleep.

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02. Six Senses, Rome

The Roman baths at Six Senses, Rome. Photograph by John Athimaritis, courtesy of Six Senses

Nestled in a quiet piazza just off the semi-pedestrian Via del Corso in Rome, Six Senses is the perfect place to rest and recharge during your city break. The hotel has worked with sleep doctor Dr Michael J Breus to formulate a three-, five- or seven-day programme to help guests improve their sleeping patterns. The wellness programme includes sleep tracking and daily sleep reviews, wellness screenings and signature massages and bath circuits in the hotel’s Roman baths (which feature three plunge pools, each reproducing the ancient caldarium, tepidarium and frigidarium) as well as a welcome bag with a handy sleeping kit.

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03. Equinox Hotel New York

Indoor pools at The Equinox Hotel New York. Photograph by Matthew Peyton, courtesy of Equinox Hotels

The Art + Science of Sleep programme at Equinox Hotel New York – the new hotspot from the same team behind the world-renowned luxury gym – has a 360 approach to sleep, bringing together regenerative treatments and nutritional advice. During their two-night stay, guests will enjoy in-room AM + PM Rituals programme – which provides sound, movement and breath-work techniques designed to regulate the circadian rhythm – cryotherapy sessions, access to hot and cold plunges to help circulation and the hotel’s signature Spa Wave Table, a 30-minute treatment that’s equivalent to three hours of sleep. We recommend the five-day extended stay, which features add-ons such as sleep and power Up IV-Drips to support AM clarity and PM relaxation, a detailed health assessment, sleep coaching and more.

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04. The Rosewood, San Miguel De Allende

Parroquia Suite at Rosewood San Miguel De Allende. Photograph courtesy of Rosewood Hotels

Immerse yourself in local culture and optimal sleep with the Rosewood’s holistic Alchemy of Sleep package. The programme is inspired by the Otomi, an ancient central Mexican indigenous civilisation that pre-dates the Aztecs and is renowned for its expertise in astronomy and herbal healing. The hotel’s Dreamscapes programming pays homage to the Otomi’s heritage and explores the power of nature’s cyclical energy to improve physical and mental strength. Think rejuvenating massages based on the current cycle of the moon, restorative yoga and meditation, breathing workshops and relaxations boxes with essential oils and quartz-based products.

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05. The Mandrake, London

Wellbeing area at The Mandrake, London. Photograph courtesy of Mandrake

Tucked away on Newman Street, The Mandrake hotel is a bohemian paradise, only a stone’s throw away from central London’s busy shopping districts. The hotel’s Shamanic Sleep Package will transport you to the land of nod in the most stylish and blissful way imaginable – the programme spans one-to-one gong baths, guided meditation and reiki, as well as immersive treatment sessions with a shamanic healer, all of which are suitable for seasoned practitioners and inquisitive newbies alike. A weekly wellbeing calendar offers slow-flow yoga, new moon ceremonies and breath workshops, so you can dip your toe into group sessions, which are open to both hotel guests and visitors.

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06. The Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, Champillon

View of the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, Champillon. Photograph courtesy of Champagne Hospitality

Located in the heart of the French vineyard region of the same name, the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa makes sleep its number one priority. Recharge your batteries with the hotel’s Royal Sleep Experience, which comprises a sleep-optimised room with a Aime Sleep & Glow Kit – including a sleep mist as well as melatonin-based supplement drops – a Morphée box with meditation sessions and sleep-inducing candle massages. While you’re at dinner or sipping on the Sleeping Beauty mocktail, the team will spray the mist in your room, prepare your bed and get a homemade herbal tea ready for your bedtime.

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07. Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa, Johannesburg

The Saxon spa at the Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa, Johannesburg. Photograph by Elsa Young, courtesy of Saxon Hotel

Johannesburg’s The Saxon Hotel is situated on 10 acres of lush indigenous gardens, providing a private and peaceful retreat unlike any other. The hotel spa has formulated a science-backed programme for the tired and jetlagged travellers that is equivalent to four hours of undisturbed sleep. Settle onto the flotation bed and allow the lighting to help you drift off in restful sleep. The 30-minute treatment is overseen by one of the spa therapists, who will guide you through the process to ensure optimal relaxation.

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