Five Watches That Prove Ice Blue Is The Colour Of 2023

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Five Watches That Prove Ice Blue Is The Colour Of 2023

Words by Mr Tim Vaux

21 August 2023

Colour trends in the watch world have been some of the most prominent sensations in recent years. Next up: the pristine tones of ice blue. Not as conservative as silver or black, nor as orthodox as navy, but ice blue boasts a sprightly riff on your dad’s favourite colour. Blue has long been the contemporary choice for those seeking a more dynamic timepiece, but today, it’s the icy variant that’s become the go-to hue to brighten up watch collections. Below, our curated five-piece list delivers a crystal-clear snapshot of some of the class-leading specimens on the market.

01. Montblanc 1858 Geosphere 0 Oxygen

Perhaps the sole entry on this list to take the “cool” brief verbatim, its blue dial with sfumato glacier texture is both icy in colour and texture. This 1858 Geosphere by Montblanc is forged from titanium, can track a second time zone, indicates the day/night for the northern and southern hemispheres, and has survived a trip to the top of Everest and back. This slice of ice blue is loaded with watchmaking technicality as well as personality and is more than tough enough to see you through your next adventure. Mountaineering gear not included.

02. Oris Big Crown

With a recently updated dial format harkening back to its origins in the 1930s, this fresh-faced Big Crown from Oris is arguably the Hölstein-based brand at its best. It honours the heritage of the brand while bearing the correct amount of youthfulness – it’s just as stylish as its peripheral date track is convenient. Elevated by a game-changing proprietary calibre that’ll still be beating all the way to day five, and an easy-to-adjust textured brown leather strap, this casual muted blue is all about versatility.

03. NOMOS Glashütte Tetra Azure

A perfectly square build, along with the tastefully stepped lugs, makes the NOMOS Glashütte Tetra one of the most unique dress watches in the biz. The deceptively uncomplicated Bauhaus design language does plenty of the heavy lifting, yet its playful take on icy blue underscores its distinction. Take note, this sophisticated sweet talker actually offers three colours for one, with pops of red and green for the hands to accompany the frosty blue. Powered by the first in-house calibre to leave its Glashütte home, this Azure iteration of the Tetra is ideal for sharing with a significant other.

04. Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT

The BR05 GMT is everything you could want from a sports watch. It’s robustly built, with top-class functionality and rugged modern looks. Rather than feeling derivative, this integrated design incorporates cockpit-inspired round-in-square tenets in a sporty intercontinental manner. When it’s time to travel, the GMT ensures twin time-zone tracking is a total breeze, whether you’re sitting in the flight deck or in first class sipping your second glass of champagne. You also get the added bonus of a sunburst pattern to accompany its sharp icy-blue dial, adding dimensionality to Bell & Ross’ handsome French timekeeper.

05. laCalifornienne Daybreak

Marking the second appearance on this list, shaped watches are increasingly on the lips of the well-informed. With relaxing social etiquette surrounding formal wear, individuality is undoubtedly en vogue. This is where the Daybreak earns its stripes, and I’m not referring to the striking tan and blue on the strap. Inspired by the vibrant LA streets that birthed leisure-centric lifestyles, laCalifornienne’s interpretation of icy blue gives easy-going vibes. Its muted, almost pastel-like tone, the soft icy shade of its rectangular dial with navy accents is more than enough to keep you coming back to this exuberant, relaxed wearer.