Straps, Winders And Travel Cases: The Watch Accessories Your Collection Needs

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Straps, Winders And Travel Cases: The Watch Accessories Your Collection Needs

Words by Ms Laura McCreddie-Doak

5 October 2021

What is art without a frame? A classic car without a tool kit and chamois leather? Wine without temperature-controlled storage, the finest glassware and, at the very least, a waiter’s friend? What we’re getting at, of course, is that once one has a watch collection, you will inevitably find yourself in need of any number of accessories to go with it.

There are straps ripe for swapping, leather-clad cases in which to transport your precious cargo, winders so your other prides and joy don’t seize up while you’re wearing one of their siblings, and beautifully appointed tool kits in case you need to embark on a little at-home maintenance.

We’ve selected eight tempting accoutrements to your watch wardrobe: added luxuries that will make any watch collection just that little bit more complete.


Lorenzi Milano Watch Repair Kit

Handcrafted in Milan and made from stainless steel, this tool kit by Lorenzi Milano is almost as perfectly calibrated as a Swiss watch movement. It has everything you need to indulge in a little at-home horology: a magnifying glass, ideal for checking for scratches; a watch knife, so you can easily remove a solid caseback; a brush, to clean those hard-to-reach spaces in between the strap and the lugs; tweezers and a multi-head screwdriver, all wrapped in a gorgeous lambs’ leather case. Who needs the after-care number now? (Disclaimer: overly brave efforts may well necessitate the after-care number – but don’t worry, we can help with that, too.)


WOLF Leather Five-Piece Watch Box

Don’t hide your watches in a safe. With this fabulous five-watch leather case, you can make them a display item instead. The design is a collaboration between safe-and-winder maker WOLF and professional flâneur Mr Matt Hranek, style editor of Condé Nast Traveler, self-confessed explorer, eater and drinker, author of best-selling book, A Man & His Watch, and lover of negronis, the drink that inspired the tweed pattern lining the five spacious compartments inside the box.


Rapport London + George Cleverley Watch Winder

Exclusive to MR PORTER, this watch winder deserves to wind only your most precious timepieces. It has been designed by storied British watch accessories and leather goods designer Rapport London, in partnership with famed British shoemaker George Cleverley and is entirely made in the UK. The result is a rich, black and brown mottled outer, a door that looks like an old-school loudspeaker, and a soft leather cushion, spinning at three different speeds, to cosset your prized grand complication.


Scatola Del Tempo Rotor One Watch Winder

Looking for a watch winder you can squeeze into your hand luggage? This sleek Scatola del Tempo design is just the ticket. The front looks remarkably like a bi-colour bezel made famous by a certain coronated brand, it runs on batteries and oscillates at 1,600 turns per day. It’s a classic combination of Swiss engineering and Italian style, which is why it looks great and runs like clockwork.


Globe-Trotter 12-Slot Watch Case

Since 1897, Globe-Trotter has been synonymous with the more elegant side of travel. So, it comes as no surprise that its Watch Attaché is the last word in streamlined. The outside resembles a simple travelling case, albeit one made from Globe-Trotter’s signature lightweight vulcanised fibreboard, with leather corners and handles. Open it and there’s space for 12 timepieces, which means you can take your whole wardrobe with you. Or better still, leave spaces to fill on your travels.


laCalifornienne Watch Strap

Nothing transforms a watch as quickly and easily as a change of strap. A different colour can make a background detail, like lume, really pop. A style swap can take a design from dress to sporty with the twist of a screw. laCalifornienne is the brand you turn to when you want to add some much-needed sunshine to your wrist. Renowned for its brightly coloured stripes painted on pale tan leather, they are guaranteed to make you smile.


Horus Watch Straps

It’s official, the 1990s are back. Bucket hats are everywhere and apparently the Boyz II Men uniform of blazers and baseball caps is suddenly de rigeur. Not sure whether camo trousers are going to make a full comeback, but you can give your watch a touch of retro flair with a camo strap from Horus Watch Straps. Made from durable rubber and easy to fit, you can switch up your watch in seconds. Just leave the wallet chain at home.


Charles Simon Eaton Travel Watch Case

You don’t have to be called Christian to appreciate complimentary shades of grey. But he’d definitely appreciate this minimalist, bull-leather covered case with three removable cushions and an interior lined with Alcantara, a sustainable synthetic textile manufactured to mimic suede. Designed by two Canadian engineers, it is a well-crafted, classic travel case that would make an excellent foil for your more colourful timepieces. Or your grey ones, if you’d rather.