Seven Grooming Tips (And Products) For Sunny Days

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Seven Grooming Tips (And Products) For Sunny Days

Words by Ms Molly Isabella Smith

21 April 2021

Summer is approaching and, for the first time in what feels like a very long time, we have plans. Are we ready? Of course not. The very thought of leaving the house terrifies us. But we can ease this transition back to normality by ensuring we’re as well-presented as can be, and one way of achieving this is by rebooting our long-dormant grooming routines. So, here are seven tips and tricks to prepare for the imminent arrival of warmer weather and, fingers crossed, a fuller social calendar.

A high-SPF sunscreen is the most crucial step in your routine, in summer or otherwise. This is especially true if you have pale skin, which will turn the colour of a lobster after a warm bath at the first sight of springtime sun. Not all sunscreens are created equal, however, so ensure you’re picking one with broad-spectrum protection, such as Susanne Kaufmann’s. It’s made with plant-based actives ectoin and Pentavitin, which also help to repair skin cell damage.

Though many sunscreens are formulated with hydrating ingredients, they are not a substitute for a good body moisturiser. However, the heaviness of an intensive moisturising cream and the sun do not make for a pleasant combo, which is why swapping out your rich body cream for a lightweight or gel formula during the warmest months is a wise choice. Aesop’s gel glides on and absorbs super quickly without leaving behind a tacky residue. The citrus petitgrain scent is also plenty summery.

It’s not just the sun you have to worry about drying your skin during summer. Depending on where you are in the world, air conditioning is a prime culprit for sapping moisture. A regular spritz of La Mer’s The Mist (which is infused with the same signature Miracle Broth in the brand’s iconic cream) will boost your skin’s hydration levels throughout the day while you’re out and about.

Along with face masks, hand sanitiser looks set to remain a fixture of our lives long after lockdown restrictions have lifted. Rather than relying on the industrial gels provided at the entrance to shops, we suggest investing in a decent travel-sized hand sanitiser (it doesn’t have to be Byredo, though we can vouch for this one’s fresh Tulipmania scent) that you can slip in your pocket or bag, as well as a heavy-duty moisturiser to slather on between applications. Your cuticles will thank us later.

Summer means heat, which inevitably means perspiration. Now might be the time that you ditch your pore-blocking aerosol antiperspirant for a natural alternative, an altogether kinder substitute for the somewhat delicate skin under your arms. MALIN + GOETZ’s eucaplyptus version, seen here in its compact on-the-go size, has the seal of approval from the MR PORTER office and is packed with odour-neutralising citronellyl for 24-hour protection.

Summer signals the start of “manscaping season”. As anyone who has ever experienced the angry, inconvenience of an ingrown hair will know, it’s vital you prep your skin’s surfaces to slough off dead skin cells before attempting any hair removal. This scrub bar from Margate-based grooming brand Haeckels does the job of cleansing and exfoliating in one to keep breakouts at bay.

Once you’ve primed and prepped the area, a good-quality shaving cream should be the next thing you reach for. On balmy mornings, this cooling formula from Elemis will serve as a refreshing pick me up, while the aloe vera helps to hydrate and soothe skin. As for calming redness, bumps and nicks, the added witch hazel – which has astringent and antiviral properties – will take care of that.

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