Mr Tom Ford’s Three Rules Of Grooming

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Mr Tom Ford’s Three Rules Of Grooming

Styling by Ms Sophie Hardcastle

26 June 2019

Over the past three months, Mr Tom Ford has offered us his philosophy of men’s style. The gospel according to Mr Ford began, as all good outfits should, with the right underwear. Then, he shared his advice on how to smell as good as you look. Now, he’s weighing in on men’s grooming.

It’s appropriate that he should save this topic for last, as it remains the final frontier for a lot of guys. Some of us are still getting used to wearing moisturiser, let alone moisturiser with SPF, and now you want us to gel our eyebrows? But if anyone can dispel the confusion surrounding grooming, and set us on the right course, it’s Mr Ford.

The Texan designer has a reputation not just as one of the world’s best-dressed men, but one of its most well-groomed; his artfully sculpted facial hair and flawless skin are as much a part of his trademark look as his unbuttoned white shirt. Check out the video, above, to find out about the grooming gospel according to Mr Tom Ford.

Film by Mr Jacopo Maria Cinti