Introducing Mr P.

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Introducing Mr P.

Photography by Mr David Urbanke | Styling by Mr Olie Arnold

7 November 2017

Stylish, yet understated. Simple, but full of detail. Our new brand has finally arrived.

Why launch our own brand? At MR PORTER,
 our buyers and editors have spent the past six years seeking out the best design from across the globe. We’ve seen good ideas come and revolutionise
 the field of menswear. We’ve admired the myriad details that can transform tried-and-tested classics
 – the white shirtdenim jeans – into ingenious new variations on the form. We’ve seen what you buy, listened to your feedback, and sympathised with 
your concerns. This one in particular: for every new thing that crops up on the rails, another favourite has disappeared. We’ve thought: if only fashion could be a bit more... reliable.

This is where the new Mr P. label comes in.
 It not only embraces current trends, but proposes 
a permanent collection of new classics that belong in every man’s wardrobe. We’ve worked hard to create superior versions of garments that you know and love, from the perfect T-shirt, to an ultra-fine cashmere sweater, to a coat that you can throw on like a cardigan, and a selection of Japanese denim. It’s a range of clothes that we ourselves have always wanted: stylish, yet understated; simple, but full of the small touches that matter; affordable, but made to the highest standards, in partnership with the world’s best suppliers and manufacturers.

“The idea is to make the art of getting dressed that little bit more straightforward as well as enjoyable”

Of course, we’re well aware that everyone needs a change now and then, so we’ve also decided to update the collection five times a year with new products inspired by what we’ve seen around us, and some of our style heroes. It’s all available to buy at the appropriate time of year: rather than sell you shearling coats in July and board shorts in January, we’ll be offering coats and knitwear when it’s cold, lightweight and breathable garments when it’s not.

The idea is to make the art of getting dressed that little bit more straightforward as well as enjoyable. The rest, of course, is up to you – when it comes to Mr P., the proof, we think, is in the wearing.