Five Gift Ideas For Ramadan From Our Head Of Social Media

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Five Gift Ideas For Ramadan From Our Head Of Social Media

Words by Ms Lauren Wahed

4 May 2021

I’m half Egyptian, quarter Indian and a quarter Irish. My mum celebrates Christmas, and my dad celebrates Ramadan, so I get the best of both worlds. Doing Ramadan while based in London allows me to feel closer to my family and friends in Cairo and the Middle East. It’s a time of connecting to that identity and way of life. Ramadan represents a testing four-week period – gifts are a thoughtful and special way to mark the end of this rewarding time.

This is the first Ramadan after a pandemic, so it holds a lot of weight; people haven’t seen their families for a while. I have chosen five things with that in mind – something for pretty much every man in your life.

L’Objet is a well-known brand in the Middle East. I’ve got an obsession with Byredo Safran candles and my dad has been stealing them from me for his room. Therefore, I want to buy him this. Before you break your fast at around 8.00pm, perhaps with a date and a glass of kefir, it’s always nice to light a candle for its warming and feel-good effect. This has a strong oud aroma, which definitely provides a homely feel.

If I had a brother, I’d buy him some Master & Dynamic headphones for the gym. Training during Ramadan is the best way to kill time – a lot of people do it before and after breaking fast. You might want to tune into a podcast or a talk on Clubhouse. There’s something intimate about connecting with strangers who share your passions, especially during Ramadan, when a sense of community is important.

Any man that I choose to date needs to wear a really good aftershave. TOM FORD’s Oud Wood is the number one go-to. All your friends and family dress up for Eid – the last day of Ramadan – so it’s always useful to have a good aftershave to feel confident after fasting for a month. The scent of this is very masculine and warm.

People can be in a bad mood when they’re fasting – it’s a testing time, especially when you haven’t drunk water for 12 hours. This is a reminder to have a nice day and spread positivity around you. I’d give this to a friend who was feeling a bit low. Ramadan is about being strong and developing thick skin – it’s a gesture of motivation and encouragement.

I love this Bottega Veneta pouch, especially its taupe colour. It’s easy and lightweight and will take me from the office to an iftar meal with friends. I’m a huge fan of the brand – I’m a #BottegaBaby – because of the quality of leather and the understated but luxurious nature of the products. The craftsmanship that goes into this is a great conversation piece.