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Five Famous Artists’ Studios You Can Visit

August 2017Words by The Daily Team

Recreation of Mr Eduardo Paolozzi’s studio at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. Photograph by Mr Antonio Reeve, courtesy of National Galleries of Scotland. © Trustees of the Paolozzi Foundation, Licensed by DACS 2017

Lovely as it is to mooch around a gallery, hopefully having some intelligent thoughts about the works therein, there are few more immersive experiences, art-wise, than visiting the spaces in which these pieces were produced. Largely, of course, this isn’t possible. Most artists’ studios are not as carefully preserved for posterity as their priceless output. But there are a few exceptions, as well as interesting work-arounds. A case in point is the new exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, in which Mr Henri Matisse’s studio has been partially recreated in a display of the artworks and objects he liked to surround himself with while he worked. You can find out more about that below, but while we were at it, we thought we would suggest some other artists’ studios and homes (or recreations thereof) that are a must-visit for any serious art pilgrim.

Mr Henri Matisse in his studio in Nice, 1953. Photograph by Ms Hélène Adant/Gamma Rapho/Camera Press. © Succession H. Matisse/ DACS 2017