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Five Lessons In LA Style

April 2017Words by Mr Dan Rookwood

Photograph by Mr Billy Farrell/

There was a time not so long ago when the phrase “LA style” was an oxymoron, with an emphasis on the moron. The perception was that men in California just didn’t know how to dress. But in recent years, all that has changed, fuelled in part by the emergence all at once of several exciting new local labels – contemporary designers in every sense – that have helped to put LA on the menswear map.

This was one of the compelling reasons why we came up with our Made In California project – 12 exclusive capsule collections from 12 West Coast-based designers, which we launched with a huge party in a storied (read: down ’n’ dirty) motel in East Hollywood, dressed up MR PORTER-style for the occasion. If you’ll permit us, we’d like to fist-bump our friends who came together to make this event such a quintessentially LA experience.

Hero looks from each of the 12 designers were displayed in the neon-lit windows of the motel rooms that looked out onto the parking lot. Here, we parked a few classic cars, including a Porsche 356 and VW Type 2 camper van.