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God Bless These American Style Inventions

July 2016Words by Mr David Coggins

Given that it’s 4 July – a day on which we generally tend to focus on what’s good about the US – let’s take a moment to consider some iconic American design. Let’s raise a glass, first of all, to the Jeep, the Weber grill and the martini (a holy trinity of form, function and redoubtable strength). But let’s also consider what the US has done for us in terms of style. There’s a certain unfussiness about the best American contributions in this department. Think, for example, of the Mr Jack Purcell sneaker, or the Brooks Brothers sack suit. It’s no accident, therefore, that the most renowned American men approached dressing with an enviable nonchalance, and still looked terrific. You know the crowd: Mr Paul Newman, Mr Steve McQueen, Mr Gary Cooper. Alright, Mr Fred Astaire was an Anglophile who worshipped at the altar of Savile Row, but perhaps that just shows that Americans are also smart enough to recognise quality when they see it. Of course, many of the US’s own style innovations have gone on to achieve such ubiquity that they have defined new categories in menswear. Here are our top three favourites:

The Baseball Cap