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How Not To Get Sunburnt

June 2016Words by Mr Adam Welch

Man sunbathing in Monte Carlo, 1992. Photograph © Mr Peter Marlow/Magnum Photos

So far, summer has been a little bit tricky on both sides of the Atlantic, which means that the widespread feeling that we could do with a little bit of sun is turning into something bordering on desperation. So much so that, we fear, at the very first opportunity that presents itself (be it at home or abroad), everyone is just going to slap themselves down on a lounger for at least 72 hours straight and bake themselves until completely crispy all over. Need we remind you – this is not a good look. You want to emerge from the summer with an evenly spread, syrupy golden tan, like Mr Alain Delon in Mr Jacques Deray’s 1969 scorcher La Piscine. Not bright scarlet all over, like Mr Ron Perlman in Mr Guillermo del Toro’s 2004 supernatural thriller Hellboy. The following edit of items should help you to achieve this nicely. Now all you need to do is find somewhere that’s actually sunny…


Dr. Jackson's
SPF20 01 Day Cream, 30ml
Junya Watanabe
Jipijapa Panama Hat