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How To Eat Oysters (Like A Michelin-Starred Chef)

April 2017Words by Mr Claude Bosi

Photograph by Mr Steven Joyce, courtesy of Bibendum

London’s iconic Bibendum restaurant, famous for its oyster bar, reopened recently under the supervision of Michelin-starred French chef Mr Claude Bosi. To help celebrate, we asked him how he likes his bivalves.

I love oysters, and I am a big fan of rock oysters in particular. I don’t really like natives as much, for some reason. The best I’ve eaten were in Ireland at a festival near Galway. At the moment, the season is still good for natives – but thankfully, it’s better for rock oysters, such as Jerseys and Maldons. We source our oysters for Bibendum from Wright Brothers. We don’t need to ask them for what we want; we just take what they have, so we know they’re as fresh as possible.

You can eat oysters cold, hot, warm – and there are so many different things you can do, but here are three simple ways to prepare them. Just serve with a good riesling or muscadet.