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How To Give Flowers Like A Gentleman

February 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Spring blooms bouquet, including the anemone, ranunculus, tulip, lisianthus, scabious and white lilac. Photograph courtesy of Floom

Gird your loins. It’s nearly Valentine’s Day. If you are lucky/smug enough to have somebody to celebrate it with this year, you’re probably fretting about how to convey your affection when 14 February rolls around next week. Our advice? Keep it classic. Countless men have curried favour by floral means in the past, and there are few gestures more wholesome than thrusting a bouquet of flowers at somebody you like.

It may be a tried-and-tested way to express your love and affection, but there are ways to get it wrong. When you don’t know your gerberas from your geraniums and your roses from your ranunculi, compiling a good bouquet isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. With this in mind, we spoke to Ms Lana Elie, founder of London-based florist Floom, an artisanal online floristry service that supports local independent florists, who gave us some expert tips on what we should do when we want to impress.