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How To Mix The Perfect Negroni

December 2016Words by Mr Max Olesker

Photograph by Mr Niklas Hallen, courtesy of Balthazar

The negroni – punchier cousin of the Aperol spritz, infinitely more complex step-sibling of the Americano – is a true classic. It is short, strong, and compelling – often hailed as one of the three essential cocktails, alongside the Bloody Mary and the martini.

“In a nutshell,” says Mr Brian Silva, bar manager at Balthazar in Covent Garden, “the perfect negroni is a wonderful balance of bitterness and sweetness. For me, that’s it. Plus, it packs a nice kick.”

Origin stories, possibly apocryphal, credit a Count Negroni of Florence with lending his name to the drink in 1919, having developed a taste for strong spirits while working as a rodeo cowboy in the US (yes, you read that sentence correctly). What is certain is that the negroni is both a sublime cocktail and extremely simple to prepare – so there’s really no reason not to have it mastered. And, while it’s traditionally sipped in the warmer months, there’s absolutely no shame in honing your negroni-mixing powers over winter.