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How To Work From Home

April 2017Words by Mr Adam Baidawi

Photograph by Mr Tom Cockram

If gaudy web advertisements are to be believed, earning a living working from home is as lofty a career aspiration as any. As the workforce shifts towards a gig-like economy and telecommuting, it’s a wise idea to train the muscles required to pull it off.

The virtues of working from home are plenty. Freedom from the commute! Freedom from the agenda-less meeting! It’s perhaps the most worthy mark of autonomy a man can earn – but it’s not without its dangers. To succeed at working from home, a man must navigate innumerable obstacles, distractions being the least of them. Remaining happy, productive and stylish outside of a traditional office environment? It takes a little getting used to.

Happily, it’s been done. In 2010, Sydney-based art director Mr Arran Russell launched creative agency Folke Army with his wife Ms Jacqui Lewis. Together, they’ve worked on projects for brands including Audi, BMW and Hendricks Gin. The two also started The Broad Place – a modern wellness destination for busy professionals. Even better, Mr Russell manages to work on these endeavours from a bungalow in his Palm Beach home. Here, he shares the lessons he’s learned to develop a productive home office.