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Instagram Tips From LA’s Most-Liked Profiles

October 2016Words by Mses Lauren Luxenberg and Charlie Robertson

Photograph by @withhearts

With its palm-lined beaches, iconic architecture, cafes bristling with #avocadotoast and year-round sunshine, LA is pretty much an Instagrammer’s dream. The evidence is in the platform – there are currently over 31 million posts gleefully tagged #LA, which constitutes an overwhelming amount of material to navigate as a virtual tourist. Given this rather overwhelming mass of imagery, and in full knowledge of the fact that LA is many things to many people, we at MR PORTER have put together a list of our favourite LA-based Instagram accounts for your perusal, which should help you sort the wheat from the chaff. Click follow on the profiles below, and be sure that your next LA immersion (whether digital or physical) will be one of the utmost stylishness.