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Six Things That Will Help Your Workout In 2018

January 2018Words by The Daily Team

Do you ever look at your bookcase and feel guilty? So many lovely books. But so many of them distinctly unread. We know how you feel. It’s such a common feeling, in fact, that the Japanese have a word for it: tsundoku.

Tsundoku is a concept that springs to mind when we think of investing in some new gym kit. Because thinking about buying a fresh pair of running shorts in order to, you know, run more, is half the battle isn’t it? And, well, buying them – that alone is a big leap. Well done! Actually getting into them and going outside or hitting the gym? That’s a whole different kettle of fish. A step too far, perhaps. We’re sweating just thinking about it. A lie-down is in order.

We’re confident we can break this train of thought with the new active items that are available on MR PORTER in 2018. We hope our select edit is so inspiring that the items will actually make their way out of their packaging and into your gym bag. There’s only one way to find out. Scroll and shop, below.