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Style Lessons From Frieze London 2017

October 2017Words by The Daily Team

All photographs by Ms Suzanne Middlemass

Was this the year that Frieze hit peak Instagram? The members of the MR PORTER team at least have found themselves completely inundated with snaps from friends attending the prestigious, enormous art fair that took place in Regent’s Park, London, over the weekend. Somehow, it seems, the October 2017 version of “hot dog legs” has become “an amazing tapestry by Ms Cornelia Parker” or “the most incredible sculptural intervention by Ms Alicja Kwade”. It’s FOMO, but a little more Po-mo. Anyway, of course we at MR PORTER are always searching for a slightly deeper understanding of such events – specifically, observing what was on display not just in the various booths, but on the multitude of elegant bodies that thronged in and out of them. Scroll down for our favourite outfits from Frieze, and the important lessons to glean from them.