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The Five Signs You’re A Coffee Snob

April 2017Words by Mr Mark Sansom

Photograph courtesy of Caravan

Just-released stats show coffee’s popularity is growing faster than any other sector of the hospitality industry. According to charity UK Coffee Week, three new coffee shops open every day in the UK, creating an industry valued at £8.9bn, which is a rise of 12 per cent since 2016. And here’s the kicker: at this rate, the number of coffee shops in Britain is set to exceed pubs in about a decade. This is great news for coffee lovers, but it has given rise to a new hyper-discernable breed of drinker. The coffee snob. Have you started meeting pals for pour-over rather than seeing the boys in the boozer? Do you have a favourite independent shop, know what beans you like, and how you want them ground? Do you know which coffee-making apparatus crafts your ideal cup, and what temperature you like to drink it? Maybe your coffee drinking has gone too far. To mark the start of London Coffee Festival later this week, we’ve rounded-up the five signs that suggest that you are straying into the realm of serious caffeine geekery (and annoying everyone around you as a result).