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July 2018Words by The Daily Team

Illustration by Mr Andrew Mashanov, courtesy of Blamo!

Committed as we are to creating content for you, our dear readers, it is rare at MR PORTER that we get a chance to stop and take stock. So, it was more than welcome when we were asked by Mr Jeremy Kirkland to take part in an episode of his Blamo! podcast, which explores the worlds of men’s fashion and technology. Ahead of New York Fashion Week: Men’s earlier this year, our Content Director Mr Jeremy Langmead met Mr Kirkland – who has previously entertained everyone from Mr Bruce Pask to Mr Michael Hainey – in the MR PORTER New York office where they discussed how Mr Langmead got to where he is today, and what it means to be at the cutting-edge of menswear e-commerce.

Mr Langmead talks about the start of his life in fashion (Central Saint Martins, “which basically involved going to nightclubs”), how he got his first job as a sub-editor at The Sunday Times (he hired himself), and his rise to editor “which is when the fun started”. The conversation covers various points on Mr Langmead’s curriculum vitae, such as his time at Wallpaper*, where he was tasked with reimagining the title after Mr Tyler Brûlé departed and building their online presence, and the circumstances in which he got the editorship at Esquire (clue: it involves Mr Truman Capote). And there is plenty of insight into the inner workings of MR PORTER and how we cater for our readers. As Mr Langmead puts it, “Whether it’s a 22-year-old buying some Vetements pumps or whether it’s a 72-year-old buying a Zegna shirt, both should feel at home as much as possible on MR PORTER.” Click the link below to listen.

Mr Jeremy Kirkland. Photograph courtesy of Blamo!