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The MR PORTER Team’s Weird Christmas Traditions

December 2016Words by The Daily Team

Photograph by Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis via Getty Images

Christmas is pretty weird. We won’t go into all of the reasons here, but, yeah – a starting point might be the rotund man delivering presents down a chimney. More inconceivable than that, though, is the consumption of Brussel sprouts. These green, acrid spheres would surely disappear were it not for the holiday season. Anyway, instead of meeting these strange traditions head on with some semblance of normality, we tend to add our own peculiar rituals for good measure. Here, we ask a few members of the MR PORTER staff about the strange traditions their families have invented over the years. And, while we had them on the topic, we also had them divulge the worst gifts they have ever received.