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The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Hair Out

November 2017Words by Mr Adam Baidawi

Mr Johnny Depp in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, 1993. Photograph by Paramount/Kobal/REX Shutterstock

Long hair comes with a multitude of benefits – the versatility, the elegance, the cool, sweeping air of a matinée idol. At its best, it becomes a style signature on par with your most trusted jacket, or ever-reliable navy suit. But growing one’s hair out also comes with difficulties, from maintenance to styling to the dreaded “in-between” phase.

Barber extraordinaire Mr Brent Pankhurst has seen it all, en route to building a follicular empire beloved by many – including MR PORTER (you can shop Pankhurst products, here). Below, he explains the dos and don’ts of growing your hair out, and the styles – based on the men who wear them best – to ask your barber for.