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This Instagrammer Will Give You Surf Envy

May 2017Words by Ms Charlie Robertson

Photographs courtesy of @mattcbauer

There are many things the MR PORTER team loves about living in London. The weather, however, is not one of them – nor, unsurprisingly, is the dearth of decent nearby beaches. Yes, the closest we get to swimming in the ocean here is being engulfed by one of our fair capital’s trademark torrential downpours, and though we get the pleasure of riding the Central line every day, it’s not quite the same as riding the crest of a wave on a glittering stretch of Californian coastline, is it? That’s why this week, especially now that the weather is slowly beginning to get a bit better, the Instagrammer we recommend following is surfer @mattcbauer, whose carefully curated feed allows you to follow him on his awe-inspiring travels – and is currently giving us a virtual dose of vitamin sea.