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Three Cocktails You Can Only Drink In Winter

December 2016Words by Mr Richard Godwin

Scandi Glogg. Photograph courtesy of KuPP, London

If there is one mixological tip that I find myself impressing again and again, it is that cocktails must be as cold as a narwhal’s tusk. However, there are times when it makes sense to take things in the opposite direction. In the days before refrigeration, hard liquor was consumed hot more often than it was consumed cold. And when you return home from a hard day trapping seals or felling pines (or simply negotiating the festive crowds), there is nothing so revitalising as sniffing the heady gin fumes while curling around the hearth. Here are three cocktails – punches, really – that are at their best piping hot and all much more sophisticated (and fun) than an extra layer.