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What To Wear On Valentine’s Day (Even If You’re A Cynic)

February 2017Words by The Daily Team

Valentine’s Day is one of the more divisive dates in our annual calendar. Some people choose to ignore it, while others actively slander its existence, muttering darkly about a conspiracy invented by evil card companies and PR agencies. Some people buy into the whole thing – literally and metaphorically – and use it as an excuse to turn into hopeless romantics for one day every 12 months in a bid to impress their other halves. If you’re single, it can be a striking reminder of said relationship status, and therefore represent the darkest day of the year. Or if you are single and happen to have a hot date on 14 February, then it is a golden opportunity to reverse the solitary existence that society so cruelly frowns upon. However you intend to treat Valentine’s Day this year – whether you’re a hopeless romantic or downright cynical – below, we have come up with some tools (or, clothes, rather) to help you deal with it. Love, MR PORTER.