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Why You Should Do Yoga – Whatever Your Fitness Goals

January 2017Words by Mr Euan Ferguson

Illustration by Mr Joe McKendry

Whether you’re already a seven-days-a-week fitness fanatic, or the more… laidback sort who’s made a personal promise to vaguely improve your wellbeing in the coming months, spending time on the yoga mat can help you with your goals. Yoga is the all-over, all-encompassing, all-welcome workout with almost limitless physical and mental benefits – but many men are seemingly still wary of it, perhaps concerned the clichés (Lycra, eye-watering flexibility, spiritual philosophy) are not for them. But if you’re unsure, remember this. On your own or in a class, you become a “yogi” the minute you move into your first ever posture. It’s that simple. And it just gets better after that. There’s a style for everyone, from fierce power Vinyasa to the sloth-slow mindfulness-exercise yoga nidra. Read on for the reasons why it can benefit you.

It’s a workout for mind as well as body