Staff Picks: Essential Hair And Beard Products For Men

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Staff Picks: Essential Hair And Beard Products For Men

Words by The MR PORTER Team

13 March 2021

With opportunities to flex your style muscles still few and far between, there’s never been a better moment to focus on your head suit, ie, all the hairs that grow on your head. As a grown man, we hope you’ve moved beyond using just shampoo or (gasp) bar soap on your hair and have realised that you will get out of your head what you put on it. We would also like to think that you’ve found a good routine for your beard as well, one that includes some kind of moisture application, whether you’re shaving or not. If you need a little help sifting through the plethora of products out there, we’re here for you. Below, the MR PORTER team outline their favourite hair and beard products for happier hair days.

01. Editorial Director

Mr Dan Davies

I shaved my head recently. I’ve been threatening to do it for years. Not only has my militant buzzcut given me a ground-level perspective on my impending baldness, it’s also delivered me from the tyranny of worry over what my lack of access to a barber is doing to my appearance. I now have little need for product, which makes the message on this Detox Shampoo from Saunders & Long even more appealing. It’s designed for use four times a week. I like the product and I like the honesty. It lasts longer, too.

02. Senior SEO Strategist

Mr Elliott Henderson

As the seasons begin to shift and my delicate house plants stretch to bask in the glorious golden glow, I find myself thinking about how I can capitalise on this transitional period. The first step has been to shed my facial hair, in preparation for some sun lounging ahead. Shaving with a razor has always been a bit of a drama for me, so I use an electric shaver. A key tip for shaving with a razor is to wet the hair for two minutes before applying the oil. This lubricates your razor, meaning less irritation and no tightness or dryness. Here, Anthony’s Pre-Shave + Conditioning Beard Oil comes into its own. If, like me, you prefer an electric shaver, forgo the water and the oil will plump up the hair for a great close shave. As an added bonus, it works as a leave-in conditioning treatment if you’re keeping the beard.

03. Global Head of Communications

Mr Michael Krueger

As we mark a year of the pandemic, I’ve got few visible signs of progress beyond the beard I started growing mid-summer. Eight months in, I’ve had to learn how to tend to it through different seasons and while wearing life-protecting masks. My one recommendation: get some beard oil. I picked up this one from Susanne Kaufmann (along with a comb) and I apply it to my bristles every few days to hydrate the beast. It also adds a little lustre and sheen to those especially important video conference calls.

04. Head of Marketing and Communications, US

Mr Jeffrey Trosch

A hairstylist recently recommended substituting my hair paste with conditioner. It’s a simple swap that emphasises taking care of your hair instead of trying to force it into submission. The conditioner helps to moisturise what you’ve got, which makes it much easier to manage. The swap to conditioner has also helped to showcase the small waves in my hair. My weapon of choice is Pankhurst London’s Leave-In Styling Conditioner. It’s been a saviour for my hands, too, which no longer have to contend with messy styling paste.

05. Head of PR, Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Mr Mark Blundell

MALIN + GOETZ has a whole range of great products that smell brilliant and, simply put, do what they say on the tin. The Detox Scalp Mask adds a dose of freshness to your morning routine, thanks to the fragrant spearmint leaf and peppermint oils. Apply to your hair, relax and gather your thoughts. Told you it was easy.

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