How To Change Your Watch Strap


How To Change Your Watch Strap


How To Change Your Watch Strap

The Personalisation Process

With brands such as Weiss and Montblanc now selling straps as separate accessories, watchmakers such as Oris include a rubber option with its bracelet divers as standard and brands such as Shinola even boasting boutiques with its very own strap bar, ringing in the changes has never been easier. But how to change and adjust your various armbands at home without invalidating your warranty? For a start, you need the right tools to hand. And secondly, relax. It’s actually rather fun, bringing you closer to your pride and joy on a whole other level – much like tinkering in the garage of a weekend with your head under a bonnet.

What You’ll Need

Purchase a specific strap-changing tool (Weiss makes a beautiful one). It should have a fork attachment for spring bars and a pusher for non-spring bar watches and for removing metal.

Step 1

Lay your watch on a towel or cloth, face-down. Always work from the back so, if you do slip, the scratch won’t be visible.

Essential Watch Strap Accessories

Everything you need to personalise your watch with care.

Step 2

Insert the forked end of the tool between the lug and the strap, then gently apply pressure away from the lug while also pushing slightly downwards so that the bar pops out. On a bracelet strap you’re looking for two recesses on either side, into which you insert the forked end of the tool.

Step 3

Slide the removed spring bar into your new strap, then insert one end into the hole on the lug. Use the tool to depress the spring bar and slide it gently into the other hole. And you’re ready to wear your new-look watch.

Step 4

If you need to alter the length of your bracelet, the links nearest the clasp should have exposed hinge pins – look for the tiny metal dots on the side. You need to use the other end of your tool to push the pins out to remove a link or two. A lot of force is required as the pins are friction-fit, so we’d advise investing in a pin-remover holder, so that the bracelet is held fast and you don’t end up stabbing your other hand. Your watch may have a warranty, but your limbs don’t!


Now put it to use. We’re constantly adding new styles, limited editions and exclusives to our luxury watch selection. Find the one that’s right for you.