Five Rebels Who Changed Men’s Style

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Five Rebels Who Changed Men’s Style

Words by Mr Mark Edwards

18 April 2018

The men who broke with convention and rewrote the rules on how to dress.

In the world of fashion today, rule-breaking can sometimes feel like a competitive sport. And it makes sense. From streetwear logos on bricks to delivery company logos on T-shirts, going against the grain is a surefire way to stand out. The thing is, breaking the status quo is nothing new – in fact, acts of rebellion have propelled fashion forward since, well, forever.

We’ve compiled several of the most notorious. Sit back and learn from each of these troublemakers: iconoclasts who, in the process of disregarding the rulebook, managed to create an entirely new one single-handedly. Step up, Messrs Brummell, DeanCobain and Slimane.

What are you rebelling against? Whaddya got…

Style game-changers

Illustrations by Mr Tommy Parker

Animation by Mr Chris Shaw