10 Essentials For Every Summer Wardrobe – A Primer From Mr P.

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10 Essentials For Every Summer Wardrobe – A Primer From Mr P.

Words by Ms Molly Isabella Smith | Photography by Mr Isaac Marley Morgan | Styling by Mr Olie Arnold

15 May 2021

Summer is a time for stepping out of your comfort zone and making bold wardrobe choices. In order to do that, though, you need a good foundation of versatile essentials on which to layer those more idiosyncratic pieces. That is where Mr P. – our in-house label, which specialises in timeless, luxury classics – can lend a hand. Here are 10 to set you up for the whole season.

There’s something intrinsically summery about suede sneakers, especially those at the lighter end of the spectrum. If you require further proof, consider this pair the evidentiary standard. They come in a sophisticated shade of taupe that works with just about everything.

Does wearing white make you feel anxious? It’s a perfectly rational fear during barbecue season. But at times when you’re practicing responsible social distancing between yourself and any bottles of ketchup – two metres is the recommended interval – we’d urge you to reconsider. If, for no other reason, than the chance to wear this crisp, zipped polo.

“If you are not comfortable, don’t wear it,” Mr Sven Schumann, MR PORTER Style Council Member and cofounder of online magazine The Talks, recently told us. That’s particularly apt advice for the warmer months, when the heat can get the better of you. Opting for lightweight fabrics, such as seersucker, and comfortable cuts is a sound decision. This shirt ticks both boxes.

Can shorts ever look smart? This navy pair might truly settle the debate for us. No, they’re not corner office-worthy. But they are neat enough for all those alfresco dinner plans we’ve made. Consider the hidden elasticated waistband our gift to you, too.

If you’re a chino kind of guy, you’ll already be sold on their versatile merits – there’s hardly an occasion they’re not appropriate. Save, perhaps, the very height of summer, when their heavy-duty cotton twill fabric can begin to feel oppressive. When the weather really heats up, swap your everyday pair out for this version. They are made from a blend of lightweight cotton and linen, so they’re a touch cooler.

While we might imagine summer as a long, unbroken spell of balmy weather, the fact is that sunny days are liable, on occasion, to turn into not-so-sunny ones. Therefore, a decent jacket is required. Choose something neutral, such as this tan one, and it’ll go with pretty much your entire wardrobe.

For the reasons outlined above, knitwear is also a necessity during the warmer months. But if we’re being honest, it’s the way this short-sleeved sweater looks that earns it a spot on our Wish List. If you’re not already sold on its retro appeal, the space-dyed blush tone should convince you.

It wouldn’t be summer at MR PORTER without a healthy dose of pastels. Aside from being seasonally appropriate, these paler tones are also very good at enhancing tanned skin. The great thing about a pair of mid-length swim shorts is that they can take you from beach to beach-side bar, too. Add a linen shirt and sneakers and no one will bat an eye.

If you’re old enough to remember the last time tie-dye was big, you might not be quite ready to give it a spin so soon. Thankfully, more refined interpretations of the trend are on hand. This overshirt offers a more subtle take that’s no less summery for it – the effect is achieved using a special spray-dye technique, which means each one is unique.

If you’re on the fence about sandals, we’ll let you in on a secret: sandals are the outdoor equivalent of slippers. Yes, those things that have been glued to your feet while you’ve been trapped indoors for the past year or so. This pair is especially comfy, with moulded footbed and soft suede straps.