What Eight Indie Musicians Are Wearing (And Listening To) At Home

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What Eight Indie Musicians Are Wearing (And Listening To) At Home

Words by Ms Hanna Hanra

22 April 2020

Although lockdown might seem like the perfect time to stop wearing clothes entirely and spend days lying on your sofa in nothing more than underwear and a watch, there’s never actually been a better time to find the meeting point of style and comfort. Why not dial-in on that work Zoom conference call wearing an outfit you’ve spent three days making work as pyjamas? Make a statement on your once-a-day outing to the shops in that three-piece suit that you’ve only worn once before, to your cousin’s wedding – only with a pair of sweatpants and sneakers. And who better to ask for their tips on what to wear to be both stylish and comfortable than our favourite musicians? Surely, if there was ever a genre of people who knew how to make looking relaxed so good, it would be them. Bonus points: these guys were never office-worker bees, so they really know how to craft a work-from-anywhere outfit.

Mr Baxter Dury

What’s your go-to isolation outfit?

Well, mostly I’m kicking back in my favourite TSBs (tracksuit bottoms), which serve as daywear and are perfect for my specialised prison exercises when required. The TSBs are the loneliest pair you have seen, a faded grey blue with worn knees. I’ve had them for years, and I think they will easily outlast the apocalypse. I’m not sure I actually like them, but I’m now just honourable to them.

Would you say that you’re dressing for comfort then?

Mostly for comfort, but every now and then, I like to mix it up depending on whether I’m on display for, say an online gig, and will put one of my 1980s beige Italian suits. But if I wear it for too long, I feel like I’m in The Shining, especially being on your own.

What is one item of clothing you couldn’t live without right now?

I have small, but well-selected wardrobe and I find each ensemble represents a different task or part of the day. Obviously, the days are limited to being inside right now, so it seems less important to show off, but it’s essential when the world finds it feet again. Wearing some sort of costume to perform with is for me the biggest separation from being a civilian to being onstage.

What would be your dream outfit, if you could wear anything?

I would love to find Al Pacino’s actual suit in the end of Scarface, even if it didn’t fit. If it looked too ridiculous, I would put it on the wall.   

What is on your quarantine playlist?

“Super Rich Kids” by Mr Frank Ocean 

“Cristo Redentor” by Mr Donald Byrd

“Touche Pas Mon Sexe” by Comix

“Why” by Ms Carly Simon

“Small Town Talk” by Mr Bobby Charles

Mr Dermot Kennedy

Is what you’re wearing different to what you usually wear?

No. My go-to self-isolation outfit is not really any different from my day-to-day clothing. I am trying to normalise this crazy situation as best as I can. Comfort and functionality are key. I like pockets for everything I might need for the day. On my last trip to New York, I bought myself a vintage collegiate hoodie by Anthem Goods. I have a couple of 1017 ALYX 9SM sweatpants, which are always a go-to. I don’t think style is possible unless you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

What is one item of clothing you couldn’t live without right now?

A scarf. To keep my throat warm and happy.  

What would be your dream outfit to pop on right now if you could?

A Nasa anti-gravity spacesuit. Heron Preston’s collaboration with Nasa last year was really inspiring.

What is on your quarantine playlist?

“Yikes” by Mr Kanye West

“Ballin’” by Mustard and Mr Roddy Ricch

“Homebird” by Mr Foy Vance

“Hangman” by Dave 

“Shrike” by Hozier 

“May You Never” by Mr John Martyn 

“Nothing But The Same Old Story” by Mr Paul Brady

“Light On” by Ms Maggie Rogers

“Breath Of Life” by Florence + The Machine 


(Answered by Ms Naomi McPherson)

Are you wearing the same outfit every day, or are you mixing it up?

It’s been super helpful for my psychological health to put a real outfit on every day. I have something of a uniform, so I’ve been sticking to that. Dickies, white T-shirt or tank top or graphic tee. Sometimes I’ll throw on a crewneck sweatshirt or a knit sweater on over top. Getting fully dressed most mornings makes me feel less nuts.  

Are you dressing for comfort or style (or both)?

Both, as is the queer person’s duty. 

What is one item of clothing you couldn’t live without right now?

Other than Dickies (like, four different colourways), I have a vintage blue crewneck sweatshirt that I’ve been wearing most days. It says “Vanessa” on the front and “French Club Class of ‘97” on the back and I’m obsessed with it. 

What would be your dream outfit, if you could wear anything?

At this point, a chic suit. Anything fancy that I could wear to an event outside of my apartment would be fabulous. Maybe this one teal Gucci sweatsuit that I wore for a shoot would be ideal. Also, wearing shoes would be great!

What is on your quarantine playlist?

“Lucky” by Ms Britney Spears 

“Teenage Drug” by Mr Ethan Gruska

“Garden Song” by Ms Phoebe Bridgers 

“Two Birthdays And One Bad Christmas” by Ms Hayley Gene Penner

“Gaslighter” by Dixie Chicks 

“Adore You” by Mr Harry Styles

“Outstanding” by The Gap Band 

“She’s So High” by Mr Tal Bachman 

“Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” by Ms Paula Cole 

“Breathe Deeper” by Tame Impala

Mr Josef Salvat

What are you wearing right now?

I came to Australia just before all this went bonkers. My return flight was cancelled, and I am stuck here for a moment (this is OK as I’m Australian). But the problem is I only brought cabin baggage because the trip was short. Not included in cabin baggage was my ideal self-iso outfit. So, I give you two, the ideal and the reality: my ideal outfit would have been this Issey Miyake Homme Plisse two-piece that I have back at home in London. It’s an intense blue colour and is honestly the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. It’s like being naked, but temperature controlled. It gives me a power-moves-on-holiday vibe, which I reckon would have been perfect for right now. It also somehow miraculously stays clean for ages and always smells fresh. In reality, however, what I’m wearing is (pictured) this black Acne Studios T-shirt, which is cool but I’ve now worn it for a little too long without washing it, and my pyjama shorts (which go with nothing at all) because it’s too hot during the day for anything else. And some adidas trainers but without socks.

Are you dressing for comfort or style (or both)?

Ideally: 50/50.

Is there an item of clothing you can’t live without right now?

I did bring this acid green YMC sweater with me, which is pretty banging and also useful when it gets cooler in the evening, but not cold enough to put trousers on. It’s comforting and momentarily makes me feel presentable and interesting, in case corona suddenly ends and I have to go out. I am grateful for it at the moment.

What is on your quarantine playlist?

“Dolerme” by Rosalía (on repeat)

“Garden” and “Hello, Chain” by Mr Nicolas Jaar

“Second Defeat” by Mr Nils Frahm

All of Future Nostalgia by Ms Dua Lipa

“Avec Le Temps” by Mr Léo Ferré


What’s your go-to lockdown outfit?

I have this Chanel jumper, it’s really soft and comfortable and it looks cool as well. I just can’t eat anything near it cause it’s pristine white and I’m messy as… I also have these high-waisted suit trousers that I bought in Berlin a few years ago. They are so comfortable but look smart, so I don’t feel like a potato all day. And a pair of adidas sliders, I feel like I’m not ready unless I’ve got them on at the moment, they are premium quarantine attire.

Which is more important, comfort or style?

Obviously, being comfortable is essential, but I think it’s worthwhile making an effort for yourself, too. I live alone, so for my own sanity, I think it is worthwhile looking good – if you look good, you feel good. A mate of mine once said always dress like you’re about to bump into your ex at a party, and that’s always stuck with me. I don’t think I have a chance meeting them taking the bins out, though, but who knows, eh?

Is there anything you wear religiously at the moment?

My adidas sliders, they are glued to my feet. I don’t know what it is, man, they just make me feel complete, and they go with everything. Well, I just tell myself that.

What is on your quarantine playlist?

“Bird Guhl” by Antony and the Johnsons

“It’s Too Late” by Ms Carole King

“Dear April” by Mr Frank Ocean

“Lady Science” by Soul Capsule

“Ain’t Nothing Changed” by Mr Loyle Carner

“Check The Rhime” by A Tribe Called Quest

Lemon Twigs

(Answered by Mr Brian D’Addario)

What are you wearing in isolation?

Being that we are in a global crisis, I like to prepare for the absolute worst. I do this for my own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of myself. Lately I’ve been alternating between a bright neon orange jumpsuit in the daytime and an electric green robe for the evenings. That way, if necessary, emergency officials will find me in my home with ease, and my chances of survival increase dramatically. I’m neither dressing for comfort nor style. If anything, I guess it’s for the comfort of knowing I’m doing the best thing for “number one”.

What is one item of clothing you couldn’t live with right now?

I’ve recently been wearing a ski mask. 

If you could wear anything, what would it be?

Probably a hazmat suit for when I have to go out for groceries. 

What is on your quarantine playlist?

“Scared” by Mr John Lennon

“Afraid” by Nico

“Worried Man Blues” by Carter Family

“Biting My Nails” by Ms Genevieve Waite 

“I’m So Afraid” by Fleetwood Mac

Mr Mavi Phoenix

What’s your go-to isolation outfit?

Well, I’m just in my sweatpants all day combined with a hoodie. I have this two piece tracksuit – it’s a collaboration between Nike and Fear of God, and it’s just so super comfy. It’s grey and the pants have lots of buttons on the side; it’s definitely my favourite right now. Sometimes, when I’m feeling crazy and want to prove to myself that I’ve still got some kind of fashion sense, I put on a cap or some chains

Are you dressing for comfort or style (or both)?

Definitely for both. As a trans man, clothing is super important for me and my identity. 

You have quite a 1990s vibe. Is there anything that you are living in right now?

An oversized T-shirt. I love to put on layers like a long-sleeve shirt and then a big T-shirt on top of that. Very 1990s.

What would be your dream outfit, if you could wear anything?

One day, I’d love to wear a really expensive fancy suit from Dior, Prada or something like that. But the day will come, I am sure. 

What is on your quarantine playlist?

“Cyber Sex” by Doja Cat

“Second Emotion” by Mr Justin Bieber

“High & Dry” by Radiohead

“La Vita Nuova” by Christine and the Queens

“No Idea” by Mr Don Toliver

Perfume Genius

You’re known for fairly outlandish outfits on stage, although recently I noticed you’re wearing a vest and jeans a lot. What’s your isolation outfit?

I’ve been wearing an old, oversized pair of grey Carhartt WIP carpenter pants with a white T-shirt tucked in. And then usually a huge Y/Project denim vest on top. I’m dressing for both comfort and style – I get ready in the morning and dress as if I’m going to leave the house. It’s good for my brain. I always wear clothes that feel good on – I don’t think you can be chic and uncomfortable at the same time. 

Is there something you can’t live without right now?

I bought a ring in Mexico last winter. It was strange and silver and stuck out when browsing the cases in the shop. I don’t have much jewellery, and I like having this weird little ring. Wearing it reminds me of my friends, of being somewhere else, a different time. 

If you could have any outfit to wear in isolation, what would it be?

Perfectly form-fitting leather armour. Dark brown and functional, but buttery like a second skin.

What is on your quarantine playlist?

“Exodus” by Mr Jimmy Scott

“Blue Comanche” by Westerman

“For Phoebe Still A Baby” by Cocteau Twins

“Don’t Forget About Me” by Ms Alice Boman

“No Man In The World” by Tindersticks

“Be All Things” by Ms Chelsea Wolfe

“Don’t Take It Too Bad” by Mr Townes Van Zandt

“Risk It” by Austra

“Weight Of Water” by Low

“Iceland Moss” by Ms Sudan Archives

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