That Beatnik Look

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That Beatnik Look

Words by Mr Philip Delves Broughton

22 April 2015

From left: Messrs Michael McClure, Bob Dylan, Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti in the alley behind City Lights, 1965 © 2015 Dale Smith, all rights reserved

From left: Messrs Bob Donlin, Neal Cassady, Ginsberg, Robert LaVinge and Ferlinghetti outside City Lights, San Francisco, California, 1956 Allen Ginsberg/ Corbis

Mr Ferlinghetti reads from his poetry collection A Coney Island of the Mind at Living Theatre, New York, 1959 Fred W McDarrah/ Getty Images

Mr Ferlinghetti at City Lights book shop, San Francisco, California, 1957 Nat Farbman/ Getty Images

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