What To Do With Your Tax Refund

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What To Do With Your Tax Refund

Words by The Daily team

19 April 2016

The shirt, boots and watch to spend your tax return on (or the items to treat your accountant to).

Taxes don’t have to be taxing. But they usually are. In the US, yesterday was the deadline day for filing tax returns, which means that many people have been busily on the case in recent days with their accountants – wherever in the world they might be – trying to get their financial affairs in order. Now comes the fun part: almost 83 per cent of Americans receive rebates. And they will be burning holes in bank accounts very shortly. How will you spend yours? Allow us to make a few suggestions, depending on your refund level.

The Consolation Prize

So Uncle Sam has not smiled on you. Or you‘ve just been very, very honest. Sad face. Nonetheless, who’s to say you can’t indulge in a bit of Italian design for less than $150? Not Aspesi. This under-the-radar casualwear brand has been an insider style favourite ever since it was founded by Mr Alberto Aspesi (a mysterious figure who tends not to give interviews) in Milan in the 1960s. This season, it’s not only found a way to magically reinvent the rather old-school fabric of cotton seersucker by offering it in an incredibly tactile, but very sleek button-down shirt, it’s offering it a rather attractive price. You almost don’t need the excuse of a rebate, really. Wear it at the weekend with some navy chinos and pristine white sneakers.

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The Gift from the Tax Man

Receiving a healthy rebate is either a huge, welcome surprise (you can’t do long division and you fell out with your accountant about four months ago) or an expected and satisfactory conclusion to the financial year (you’re one of those people that keeps all your receipts in see-through pouches). Either way – you deserve a little gift. And surely an evening out? Time, then, to let your hair down, channel a bit of rock ‘n’ roll spirit, slip on some Chelsea boots, and raise a drink to the taxman. The Beatles would have approved. Of the Chelsea boots, that is. They loved the things. Not so much the tax man. Have you heard the lyrics to “Taxman”?

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The Offshore Accountant Rebate

So you got a big rebate? We’re not here to ask any questions – that’s the IRS’s job. Make like a bonus-blowing banker with a statement watch: the ultimate social signifier. With a bit of creative accounting (we hear there are some guys in Panama who are a dab hand at that), this might even be tax deductible? But don’t quote us on that. Stash those potentially sensitive papers in a sturdy briefcase from Berluti (and keep them in sight, for goodness sake) and keep your platinum cards close to your chest with this Bottega Veneta wallet.

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