What To Wear For Memorial Day Weekend

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What To Wear For Memorial Day Weekend

Words by The Daily Team

25 May 2017

Everything you need for a long, (hopefully) sun-drenched weekend of barbecues and boozing.

This coming Monday it’s Memorial Day in the US and the Spring Bank Holiday in the UK – which means that for many of us it’s a long weekend of fun in the sun as we herald the sort-of-official start of summer. Either that, or it means lots of sitting in crawling traffic followed by cursing at the spitting rain as it once again douses our barbecue plans. One of the two. But we’re all happy-go-lucky blue-sky optimists here at MR PORTER HQ so we’re willfully ignoring that slightly iffy weather forecast on our iPhones (meteorologists: what do they know!) and packing for a glorious weekend. Which means that alongside all the suitably patriotic red, white and blue items going into our weekend holdall – and you’ll note we’ve chosen all US brands – we mustn’t forget some SPF. Because sunburn is always the wrong sort of red.

Few things scream summer quite like a brightly patterned short-sleeved shirt. We’ve been banging on about camp-collared shirts for a while now but admittedly they’re not for everyone. A button-down collared shirt is a little easier to wear and perhaps more versatile. You probably wouldn’t get away with a full-on Hawaiian shirt at work, but this J. Crew one on a summer Friday? It would work nicely with a denim jacket, much like this one by Simon Miller.

Vans slip-ons are perfect for summer. They’re timeless, very reasonably priced for what are actually quite robust shoes, easy to pack, comfortable to wear sans socks thanks to their canvas construction, and they can be kicked off easily when you’re on the grass/sand/pool deck. Incidentally, they’re also great shoes for travelling, especially if you’re feet swell on planes – and you won’t be fiddling about with laces when going through security. Slip on some shorts to match (because, remember it IS going to be sunny) and you’re good to go.

Continuing the all-American theme, we’re heading to the East Coast for our sunglasses with this pair by LA eyewear specialists Garret Leight California Optical. Not a name that rolls off the tongue, but not one you’ll forget in a hurry either. Much like the shades themselves. Even if you have a few too many beers – you’ll be keeping these vintage-inspired frames about your person at all times. Although shielding yourself from the sun is important, not all accessories are quite so functional. Some are simply for decorative purposes. Much like this Miansai bracelet, which should finish your look off rather nicely.

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