What to Wear On Christmas Morning

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What to Wear On Christmas Morning

Words by Ms Charlie Robertson

16 December 2016

How to get festively dressed on the most wonderful day of the year.

Who doesn’t love that feeling of anticipation when you wake up on Christmas morning and hurriedly run down the stairs to see if Santa has paid you a visit? Okay fine, we might not be kids anymore, but 25 December still brings the MR PORTER team as much excitement as if we were – when else is it acceptable start drinking at 10.00am?

The Christmas countdown is well underway, and with only nine days until the big day, we thought it was about time we offered up our suggestions on what best to wear on Christmas morning. Given that the 10.00am glass of champagne soon leads to a 2.00pm post-walk pub session – we suggest you plan ahead and wear something a little more versatile than pyjamas this year.

Christmas is the one day a year that you can get away with wearing a really garish sweater. But you might want something a little more on the tasteful side. That’s why we suggest RRL’s shawl-collar cardigan. Made from merino wool, linen and cotton, it’s particularly cosy, and thus great for a lazy morning opening gifts. Make sure to wear it over a plain white T-shirt, like this one from Maison Margiela, so the bold pattern can sing. It’s the perfect way to show some festive spirit – without going completely overboard.

As we mentioned in our introduction, when you wake up on Christmas morning, it’s all too easy to just run downstairs in your pyjamas in a flurry of excitement. But no one wants to sit next to the person wearing their bedclothes, especially if they decide to keep them on for dinner. So instead, we suggest throwing on some sweatpants, like this tapered navy pair from A.P.C. They’re a great option for chilling out by the fire, and perfect for when you need to leave the house for more supplies – as is this lambswool beanie from Drake’s.

It’s Christmas, and as such, no outfit would be complete without a pair of festive socks. And you really can’t have enough of them (on the condition they aren’t TOO festive). Therefore, we’re going to suggest not one, but two pairs to wear in front of the fire, or out and about this year. Oliver Spencer’s Fair Isle cotton-blend socks are a firm favourite in the MR PORTER office, as are this Fair Isle wool-blend pair from Corgi. Whether you decide to wear just the one pair or dare to mix and match, you’ll make a festive statement from the feet up with these wrapped around your toes.