What To Wear To An Important Meeting

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What To Wear To An Important Meeting

Words by The Daily Team

1 September 2016

The suit, shoes and watch you need to make a big impression at that presentation – because how you present yourself is more important than your PowerPoint skills.

It’s there, in your iCal. Looming. Getting ever closer. The appointment. The big meeting. The presentation. Whatever it is: you’re a little bit worried. You may, in fact, be very worried. Because you need to be, in layman’s terms, “on form”. It’s a bit like a job interview, except there are perhaps even more expectations. Objectives to deliver on. You need to hold court and give a good impression of yourself. And you need to prepare. Seal the deal. Win them over.

You’ve done all your research and meticulously followed your preparation rituals. Now you just need to get dressed to ensure you’re looking your absolute best. These people will smell fear, and be ready to pounce on any signs of weakness. And it may seem frivolous, but fear in this case could manifest itself in a poorly matched outfit, and your downfall could begin with the wrong pair of shoes. Thankfully, we have put together this guide to power dressing, to ensure you make your mark from the moment you step into the room, radiating confidence and sleek, measured charm. You’re welcome.

You’re not going to make any power moves wearing sneakers and a hoodie. You are not Mr Mark Zuckerberg and alas, you did not set up a wildly successful social-media platform – so you cannot swan about in the clothes you wore as a 14-year-old. You must wear a suit. Because the suit is the uniform of successful people. Remember, however, that this is a uniform you have some control over, and you can still stand out a little in a fine, well-fitted one. If you fancy taking it one step further, forgo plain colours and channel big-boss businessmen such as Gordon Gekko in a dashing pin-striped version such as this from Paul Smith.

To say that you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes is a cliche. But cliches are cliched for a reason – because they’re usually correct. So vote with your feet and ensure you are wearing some shoes that project an image of the refined gentleman you are. You could go for some smart brogues, or perhaps you could even plump for some Oxford shoes. But why not stand out and slip on some monk straps by Tom Ford? These are the shoes of a mature man who enjoys the finer things in life and will help strengthen your look.

The main elements are now all sorted. But if you’re going to do this properly, there’s still some room to gain an advantage in the heat of this important moment. When you stretch out your arm to greet your acquaintances with a firm handshake, they will undoubtedly take a glance at your wrist. Are you going to be that fellow to show up to work with a sparkling gold orb strapped there? Or are you a bit more measured? A man of taste. Someone who appreciates design. Fall safely into the latter camp by choosing this fine specimen from Junghans, and add a sleek Smythson portfolio case to finish it all off.