In-Flight Grooming Essentials

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In-Flight Grooming Essentials

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood | Photography by Mr Michael Bodium

17 August 2016

Pack these cabin-friendly products for an instant upgrade to your carry-on kit.

Packing in a panic? Having your aftershave confiscated by a surly airport security guard for being more than 100ml? Arriving at your destination to discover your premium-grade shaving cream has exploded in your wash bag, and you’ve forgotten your toothbrush charger. These little annoyances go hand in hand with short-haul travel – but they don’t have to.

To prevent such irritations in future, may we suggest that you keep an ever-ready airport security-approved transparent wash bag, pre-packed with your chosen sub-100ml products? A tip to avoid altitude-related accidents is to squeeze containers a little before screwing on the cap to give the contents some room to expand with the changing air pressure. You could even place liquid toiletries in individual zip-lock plastic bags to limit the damage in case of a spillage. Then position your wash bag near the top of your carry-on for ease of access when going through security and to minimise crushing.

Now the practicalities are sorted, you need to decide which flight-safe grooming products to pack. We can help with that, too.

Diptyque, most famous for its scented candles, is a relatively new brand to MR PORTER. Its distinctive fragrances are not to be sniffed at, however, and in their flight-friendly 50ml size, you can sample several until you find the one for you. We like the lingering layers of the Tam Dao fragrance, which combines rich floral notes with more masculine hints of sandalwood and cedar. It’s important that the scented products you wear combine well rather than fight each other, and Tom Ford Beauty’s Oud Wood Deodorant continues the sandalwood theme. If you have facial hair, try Penhaligon’s subtly scented Bayolea Moustache Wax and/or D R Harris’s citrus and vetiver Beard Oil, which nourishes whiskers and soothes itchiness – and a beard holds fragrance all day. Apply a small amount of Aesop’s Violet Leaf Hair Balm – a pleasant-smelling alternative to sticky wax or gel products – to damp hair for volume and hold.

Pocket-sized hand sanitisers are essential when travelling, but generally have the nostril-curling aroma of chemical detergent. Not so Aesop’s fabled Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash, an evaporative alcohol-based gel that kills with kindness, nuking bacteria while refreshing your skin. Even a short-haul flight can leave you feeling grubby, as can a long day of sun cream-caked sightseeing. This bar of cedarwood-scented soap from Baxter Of California contains the abrasive ingredients pumice, jojoba meal and crushed olive seeds, all of which help to remove grime and buff your skin to leave it feeling clean and refreshed. For the more delicate areas of the face and neck, we recommend Tom Ford Beauty’s Exfoliating Energy Scrub, which is formulated to unclog pores and has an invigorating scent to wake you up if you’re jet-lagged or sun-fatigued. D R Harris’s zesty Lemon and Vetiver Face Wash is similarly revitalising. In a polluted city, you might feel the need for a deeper clean. Foreo’s antioxidant-rich daily Cleanser is full of natural ingredients (micro-algae extracts and morgina seeds, anyone?) that promise to detoxify and brighten your skin. Finally, a nail brush is a surprisingly versatile tool for the regular traveller. It can be used to clean spot stains and de-lint a jacket on top of performing its primary function.

It’s not just the X-ray machine that scans your toiletries. Your travelling companions will also check out what you’ve got in that see-through bag, so it pays to elevate the quality of everyday items, even down to your toothpaste and shaving cream. Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste is a beautifully packaged step up from any brand you’ll find in the pharmacy, and once you’ve used Foreo’s eight-speed electric toothbrush, you’ll never go back. Czech & Speake has cornered the market when it comes to bathroom accessories. Its leather-bound, Teflon-coated travel manicure set, despite containing safety scissors and nail clippers, meets international aviation regulations, while the Zebrano Wood Razor Shave Set with matching badger-hair shaving brush is perfect for the man who has everything – just make sure you keep the razor blade in its packaging. Lather up with D R Harris’s Windsor Shaving Cream Tube and finish off with Czech & Speake’s Neroli Aftershave Splash, which is blended with a mild antiseptic to close pores and prevent blemishes. Dr. Jackson’s vitamin-enriched 01 Day Cream has similar anti-inflammatory properties as well as SPF20 protection.