How To Lose The Tour De France In Style

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How To Lose The Tour De France In Style

Words by Mr Max Leonard

28 August 2020

Watched by Mr Charles Pélissier, French cyclist Mr Amédée Fournier takes a rest during the 11th stage of the Tour de France, 1939. Photograph by Spaarnestad Photo/Mary Evans Picture Library

The start of the first Tour de France in Paris, 1903. Photograph by Schirner/Ullstein Bild via Getty Images

Mr Amédée Fournier prepares to set off on the Stage Two time trial, 1939. Photograph by Offside/L’Equipe

Mr Aad van den Hoek during the Tour de France, 1978. Photograph by Cor Vos

Overall leader Mr Bernard Hinault hands over the red lantern to Mr Gerhard Schönbacher for taking last place, 1979. Photograph by Ullstein Bild/Topfoto

Messrs Lance Armstrong (left) and Jacky Durand during the final stage of the race, 1999. Photograph by Mr Gero Breloer/DPA/Press Association Images

Messrs Robbie McEwen (left) and Wim Vansevenant on the Tour, 2007. Photograph by Cor Vos