How To Make S’mores With Mr David Coggins

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How To Make S’mores With Mr David Coggins

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood

2 December 2016

The New York writer shares his recipe for the perfect campfire snack.

S’mores. This sandwich of gently toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate squidged between two Graham crackers is a sweet taste of the American good life, one of the great culinary inventions. It is the quintessential campfire snack but also something families might gather around the hearth to make together over Thanksgiving, served up with a warming hot chocolate or perhaps something a little stronger.

In the above video, US writer Mr David Coggins, author of new book Men And Style, demonstrates how best to make them…

What you will need:

Marshmallows Hershey’s chocolate (none of your fancy British chocolate)  Graham crackers A grilling skewer A hand grill A bed of hot coals Patience