The All-New Version Of The Journal Is Here

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The All-New Version Of The Journal Is Here

Words by Mr Adam Welch

2 March 2020

There are moments in history when humanity takes a definitive step forward. The invention of the wheel. The first powered flight. The Moon landing. And then there are other moments, moments like this moment right now, in which we at MR PORTER reveal a shiny new redesign of our proprietary editorial platform – as we call such things these days. So, yes, here it is: a brand-new incarnation of , for your reading pleasure. Pop open the champagne! Festoon your desk with ribbons. Excuse us for a moment, we’ve just got to quickly commission the memorial plaques…

Bathos aside, we’re very excited about it, and we hope you are, too. Why? Because, as much as we’ve become known, in some respects, to adhere to traditional values and an idea of timeless style when it comes to fashion, we do also like to modernise now and then, particularly if we can make things easier for you, the reader. This latest incarnation of The Journal, therefore, has been designed with various usability improvements in mind, which, though perhaps not as groundbreaking as the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, will nonetheless make your enjoyment of MR PORTER’s editorial output more seamless and more frequent. That is, unless you’re one of those people who really does prefer to do things the old-fashioned way.

Scroll down to learn what to expect from this miraculous new MR PORTER technology.

01. We are now completely daily

OK, admittedly we have produced daily content for a while, since 2016, in fact. But it’s always been separate from our weekly edition: now the two are one and the same, meaning that you’ll get more of MR PORTER every day of the week, and find all our long and short-form articles in the same place rather than flinging your eyes back and forth between them.

02. We now have categories

Yes, that’s right, our articles are now sortable. Need some tips on getting your hair right? Click on “Grooming” in the menu bar up top. Planning a holiday instead? Perhaps “Travel” is the answer. In the “Fashion” category, you’ll find style advice and tutorials alongside famous men walking us through the menswear looks of the moment. In “Lifestyle”, we journey into people’s homes, haunts and places of work, but this is where you’ll also find articles on entertainment, sports, wellbeing and food. Now, do we really have to tell you what “Watches” is all about? Each category has its own homepage, if you find your tastes leaning on a specialist direction on any given day.

03. We now have recommendations

Ever finish dinner and only feel half full? We know how you feel, at least when it comes to the consumption of our articles. So, at the end of each one, we’re now providing handy recommendations for where you might take your sartorial journey next. It’s a godsend for the clock-watching, procrastinating, work-shy office-bound professionals of the world. That is, most of us.

04. We now have read times on each article

Of course, there are worse things in the world than getting stuck into an article that ends up being longer than you thought it might have been, but who are we to argue with user research? Now, for those of you often afflicted by this particular problem, we have thoughtfully provided indications, at the top of each article, as to how long it might take to feed, word by word, into your brain. Perfect for the next seven-minute slot in your busy schedule, eh?

05. Improved navigation and experience

Oh, we could go on. Lazy loading on the homepage. A curated “highlights” reel at the top, in case you missed anything good. New article formats that will help you experience our imagery and video better. As in life, it’s the little things that add up. In this case, the result should be an experience of The Journal that is as smooth as the icing on a particularly nice cake. We hope you enjoy it.

Illustrations by Mr Bruno Mangyoku

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