Five Spiritual Tips To Keep You Calm Right Now

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Five Spiritual Tips To Keep You Calm Right Now

Words by Mr Ben Olsen

23 February 2021

Illustration by Ms Ana Yael

01. Author of Good Vibes, Good Life

Mr Vex King

Mr Vex King. Photograph courtesy of Mr Vex King

Create a daily routine to nourish mind, body and spirit

02. Author of Chatter: The Voice In Our Head And How To Harness It

Mr Ethan Kross

Mr Ethan Kross. Photograph courtesy of Mr Ethan Kross

A change of perspective can break us free

03. Author of Lives Of The Stoics

Mr Ryan Holiday

Mr Ryan Holiday. Photograph by Mr Jared Polin

Focus on what you can control

04. Author of The Artist’s Way

Ms Julia Cameron

Ms Julia Cameron. Photograph by Mr Robert Stivers

Channel chaotic energy into creativity

05. Author of Think Like A Monk

Mr Jay Shetty

Mr Jay Shetty. Photograph by Mr Steve Erle

Take charge of choosing your mindset