What To Wear On The Commute

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What To Wear On The Commute

Words by Mr Adam Welch

12 September 2016

The bag, jacket and headphones you need to make your rush-hour journey into work a little less stressful.

What’s your favourite part of the day? It’s not this one, that’s for sure. No, the commute, that diurnal oblation to whatever time-wasting deity oversees the social contract, is not something you would really consider “fun”. But there are degrees of things. And you can certainly make it better with a few small comforts, like the right clothes. Scroll down for our guide to what to armour your bleary eyed self with as you trudge out of the door this autumn.

Depending on how you get to work, you’ll need a different kind of bag. Unless, of course, you pick up this one from Floridian brand Miansai, which is so incredibly versatile that it can cover just about any situation. It’s great for cyclists, not just because it’s a backpack, but because of it’s water-repellent canvas fabric. It’s also perfect for the train, because, despite being a backpack, it has a slim, upright profile that isn’t going to earn you death stares from your fellow passengers. Wear it with a light shell jacket from Hackett and you’ll look like a sleek, well-oiled commuting machine, which means no one will mess with you.

Key to a successful train journey to work is avoiding eye-contact. Or really any sort of contact with other people, at all. This naturally applies to strangers – it’s nice to be nice and all, but, how many friends do you really want? – but is particularly true when it comes to colleagues. When you chat in the office, you’re getting paid, but this is your time. Make yourself an impenetrable fortress of solipsism by shielding your eyes with a pair of elegant Moscot shades (which also help if you like to stare, though we must remind you that it’s rude) and plugging into your favourite album or audiobook with Master & Dynamics’ elegant ME05 palladium-coated headphones.

Key to a good commute is remembering to bring your wallet with you. It’s basic, but we say it as a reminder in full knowledge of the fact that even of the best of us sometimes just don’t, and have to screech back home again five minutes later. Got it? And your keys? Good. Now… is it the right kind? Our recommended wallet for a good commute is a billfold, which, thanks to its two wings of card pockets, allows you to store two contactless cards without experiencing “card clash” – a phenomenon that Transport for London no doubt expects to disintegrate the British Isles themselves any time soon. This is particularly useful for those of us who need to use an Oyster or MetroCard as well as a work entry card, a la visions of the dystopian future that have materialized in our real lives. Add a scarf, if you’ve got a way to walk at the other end, and you’re done.