Five Art Cities To Visit Right Now

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Five Art Cities To Visit Right Now

Words by Ms Grace Banks

26 November 2015

Bogotá in Colombia is emerging as a prominent player on the international art circuit. Photograph by Mr Alexander Rieser/ Alamy

Bogotá, Colombia

Abandoned areas of the Colombian capital are being regenerated by creatives to great success. Photograph by Mr Andres Rodriguez/ Alamy

Detroit, US

Artists are helping to revive Detroit’s fortunes by reappropriating the city's cheap real estate. Photograph by Mr Bill Pugliano/ Getty Images

Singapore, Singapore

An impressive £137m ($210m) is being ploughed into establishing Singapore as southeast Asia's arts hub. Photograph by Mr Billy Farrell/

Havana, Cuba

In Havana, art can be found on show in the private studios of colonial buildings in the city's Centro district. Photograph by Mr Roberto Machado Noa/ Getty Images

Athens, Greece

Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. Photograph by Mr Alex Majoli/ Magnum Photos