Hong Kong Hang-outs

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Hong Kong Hang-outs

Words by Mr Johannes Pong

27 May 2015

Soy chicken at Ho Lee Fook

The Pawn

From left: the elegant dining room in The Pawn; house-made ricotta, olive oil, dried herbs and aged balsamic vinegar

Mott 32

Architect Ms Wang's Chinese restaurant, Mott 32 Joyce Wang

Little Bao

From left: the exterior of Little Bao; a green tea ice-cream bao

Aberdeen Street Social

Lamb rump, confit neck, kidney powder, pale aubergine and French beans

Tycoon Tann

From left: the entrance to Tycoon Tann; baked crab shell stuffed with fresh crabmeat, onions and cheese

Ho Lee Fook

From left: chef Mr Yu; a selection of roast meats

Ping Pong 129

The buzzy interior of Ping Pong 129

From left: the intimate dining room; grass-fed black Angus beef cubes, warm rocket jelly, Parmesan crisps, vintage balsamic vinegar drops and Hoarfrost salt